July 14th 2010, Charlottesville, VA - Montpellier, VA

Day 49

We woke up in the UVA Fiji house and got ready for a day full of media.  The day begun at 615 in front of the Rotunda on UVA’s grounds with a interview and photo shoot.  Tyler did a great job in his interview and we all enjoyed being on tv since it was a live shoot.  We then went back to the house to enjoy some Bodo’s bagels (which are awesome) and Tyler and Jordan went to do a radio interview. 

We started our ride from the Fiji house and rode with eagerness since we only have three days left.  We rode through the UVA grounds one last time and were able to get out of the busy town pretty quickly.  In looking at the elevation gradient we knew the ride would be much easier than the day before in climbing the blue ridge mountain ridge.

At about the 25 mile mark we were met by David and Mark, of the Dominion Energy media crew.  Dominion is one of the biggest energy corporations with over 18,000 employees and covers several states.  They will be hosting an event for us in Richmond tomorrow and were putting a video together for us and for their corporation to have for their records.  David and Mark were very nice and very professional in their filming and capturing of all the riders.  They even stuck around with us as we ate some bologna fo lunch and took a short nap.

We were able to cut some mileage off the original route so we could arrive at our destination sooner.  Unfortunately, we did encounter a short section of gravel that we had to get off our bikes to cross.  But, it was less than a mile and we were able to hope right back on the bike. 

We arrived to Robert Osborne’s (aka Oz) house in Montpellier at a pretty decent hour.  He lives out in the country a little and we chilled in his garage for a while and drank some cold water and root beer.  Dana and Oz arranged for a cookout and some Fiji graduates from Old Dominion were coming over.  After we showered up we enjoyed the company of all the men and their families.  We ate hamburgers and hotdogs and listened to old lies from their college days.  We ended the night with watching some Man vs Food on the discovery channel. 

The ride is coming to a close and we are all anticipating what we will do once the ride is over.  I hope to catch up with some old friends, learn some cooking techniques from my mom, and spend time with my father and grandfather.  But I will continue to enjoy my time on this adventure and enjoy the people I get to meet along the way.

In His Adventure,

Chaz Vittitow