July 13th 2010, Lexington, VA - Charlottesville, VA

Day 48

After a great night sleep (I only had to throw a pillow at Dana in the bed across the room once while he was snoring) we woke up early to start riding.  We enjoyed some eggs, bacon, and cinnamon rolls at the hotel.  The skies were cloudy and there was a 40% chance of thunderstorms, but we knew we had to ride on. 

Today was the day of the last big climb up onto the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We were somewhat dreading it but at the same time looking forward to facing our last really big challenge (in regard to hill climbing) of the ride.  So we took a break in Vesuvius, right before the mountain, and got pumped up by playing some different tunes.  We played some rap, classic rock, and other various songs such as “Carry on my Wayward Son” and “Man of Constant Sorrow”. 

We embraced the hill and while it was our last one, I felt very tired.  So, I took a lesson from our friend Norma Henry and called out to the mountain, “If you are gonna bet between me and the mountain, you better bet on me!  Because you are going to have to be so steep that you flip me backwards before I quit.”  With this aggression combined with a prayer requesting strength, I was able summit the mountain.  We all finished climbing around the same time and we took a break to reflect upon the ride up to this point.  We had some great spiritual conversation and reflection. 

We finished the ride at the UVA Fiji House and were welcomed by the Omicron brothers.  We enjoyed their company and some pizza on the front porch for dinner.  One of the brothers, Cam Coleman, gave me a tour of the UVA campus and we all had a fun and relaxing evening of some intense games of foosball and pool.  Three days left and we can smell the ocean baby!

In His Adventure,

Chaz Vittitow