July 10th 2010, Rural Retreat, VA - Blacksburg, VA

Day 45

We woke up early at the camp site and even Dana, who said he had not camped in almost 20 years, joined us in camping.  We got ready quickly knowing that today would be much easier than the past couple in regards to the amount of climbing and the distance was a little shorter.  Dana experienced the peanut butter bagel breakfast that we have enjoyed so many times and we got started with our day. 

The miles passed by quickly and we enjoyed the ride together.  Wade and I spoke some Spanish to practice and we all took the day to enjoy the ride.  We stopped for lunch with only 15 miles left on the day.  Since the day was not very hot and we were near a city with a grocery we ate sandwiches and chips for lunch.  It was very good except for the apples.  But, we had some fun with them as Cameron tasted his apple and decided to throw it.  Little did he know that he was throwing it toward a moving car.  Fortunately, the car missed it by a couple centimeters and we all got a good laugh out of the incident. 

As we rode our final section we had some moments of great encouragement.  Bill, the Virginia Tech Fiji Purple Legionnaire, met us a few miles outside Virginia Tech and took some pictures.  We rode into Blacksburg and were met by some Fiji brothers in the center of the campus.  We grabbed some pictures and celebrated our arrival.

After we showered, we all met up to eat some dinner at Cabo Fish Taco restaurant.  It was great to chill out, talk with the VT guys, and enjoy some great food.  But, what stood out most about the night to me was the generosity of Dana.  He bought everyone dinner and we were all very thankful.  When I went up to him after the dinner and thanked him for the meal he said something to me that I hope I never forget.  Dana said, “You are welcome, my only request is that you pay it forward one day.  When you have a job and you are able to, take some Fiji undergrads out to dinner on your bill.  It may sound cheesy but your time will come.”  I knew Dana was a great guy but that meant a lot to me.  I look forward to paying Dana’s generosity forward to some undergrads one day. 

In His Adventure,

Chaz Vittitow