July 9th 2010, Rosedale, VA - Rural Retreat, VA

Day 44

After a good nights rest we prepared for another day of long riding and lots of climbing.  Virginia is turning out to be one of the most beautiful states we have gone through.  The mountain air is refreshing, the rolling hills rival the horse farms of Kentucky, and since it is the last state of our journey I am also full of a little more joy.

We climbed some more hills and rode through the beautiful state and stopped in Damascus, VA for lunch.  Damascus was awesome because it was in the middle of the Appalachian trail.  Several people were asking us about our ride and we even spoke with a few people hiking a section of the A.T.  We spoke with a man at a store for a while and he was very refreshing.  He lived on the trail for several years as he said he was “Running from his troubles and the law” but came to know Christ while on the trail.  He lived very simply and told us to keep up the good work but warned us of a few more hills ahead. 

We ate at a small diner in town and tried to get one with our ride quickly to beat the heat of the day.  We climbed a couple big hills and finally reached our destination of the middle of nowhere in Rural Retreat, VA.  Luckily, we were met there by Fiji brother and friend, Dana Hess, who has been helping us greatly in our ride across country.  He reserved our camp site and welcomed us into town.  I forgot to mention earlier, but this day was Tyler’s birthday so Dana took us to get some pizza to celebrate properly.  We sat down at Pizza Plus and were welcomed by a few more guests.  Nasty Jones, Fiji brother and fellow Virginia Tech grad with Dana joined us for pizza.  I felt like I had met a cartoon character as this guy was truly Nasty.  He had a handlebar mustache that had not been groomed in a couple years and a trucker hat with some interesting words on it.  He told stories and did impressions of Kentuckians he had met in his life and we all laughed.  He even joined along as we sang happy birthday to Tyler with the cake Dana had so graciously bought him.

We set up camp and Nasty joined us for a while.  Unfortunately, we were all too tired to join him for long as he brought his guitar and picked some awesome tunes.  He was great to listen to as he played some music as we all fell asleep.  Another great day of accomplishment and a night of bathing under a spicket.  We ride into Blacksburg, VA tomorrow and get to experience the land of the Hokies with our friend Dana and the Rho Alpha Fiji brothers.

In His Adventure,

Chaz Vittitow