July 8th 2010, Buckingham, KY - Rosedale, VA

Day 43

The group woke up on this foggy Eastern Kentucky morning to with some anxiousness for the great trials ahead.  This would prove to be one of our toughest days as we rode into the heart of the Appalachian mountains and would also cross into our final state.

We got off to a little of a late start as we woke up in the First Baptist church we were staying in.  As we prepared by loading our stuff into the trailer, stretching, and doing the normal routine, we were accompanied by one of the locals.  He kept saying, “You guys are riding to Rosedale?  That there is a pretty nice piece!”  It was nice to have the company and we were able to imitate him for the next few miles. 

We rode the initial 35 miles before lunch and climbed 3 hills that were steeper than any hills we had ever seen.  Until this point I had yet to admit that we had seen a hill steeper than the hill in Bowling Green off Glen Lily Road that we frequently trained on, but at this lunch spot I told the guys that I encountered a steeper hill. 

We ate lunch at the Rusty Fork Cafe in Elkhorn City, KY.  Don’t let the name fool you, this place was legit.  Although it proved to be not the best decision, I had the meatloaf special and three sides and felt very well fed.  Unfortunately, riding after a meal like this through the mountains was not very pleasant. 

We crossed into Virginia and celebrated our last crossing of states.  Tyler even played “Meet Virginia” on his iphone to make the moment even more special.  We had a few more hills to climb but the last one of the day was supposed to be our biggest so we had a rest stop right before.  Justin and I were so tired and fed up with riding that day so we decided to ride up the hill with no jerseys and only bibs.  A couple others followed and it proved to be quite a show for all the passers by as we looked like men in spandex and suspenders. 

We finished our ride in Rosedale and celebrated completing a long day of riding.  It had been a while since I practiced my post ride ritual, but after this day I enjoyed some reese cups and some vitamin D milk.  I know what you are thinking and yes it was glorious.  Another day of living the dream and facing challenges that develop perseverance.  We are continuing to enjoy the ride and are looking ahead to the Atlantic Ocean.

In His Adventure,

Chaz Vittitow