July 7th 2010, Buckhorn, KY – Buckingham, KY

Day 42

I never knew that some of these parts of Kentucky ever existed.  We rode straight into the Appalachian Mountains and the eastern part of Kentucky and I saw some places in my own home state that I never knew about.

After waking up in the bunkhouse Wade’s grandfather so graciously arranged for us, special thanks to Jack Haga and his wife DeLane, we embraced our ride for the day with 79 miles ahead of us.  We rode in honor of Wade’s great grandmother who developed Alzheimer’s in her 80’s.  Wade’s great grandfather is still living and will be visiting us along with Jack Haga this coming Friday.  I am excited to meet him as he is in his 90’s and I am sure has many pearls of wisdom, or maybe just made up stories, to share with all of us.

The first 15 miles of the ride were very challenging.  We had three large hills to climb and it certainly woke us all up after being a little groggy.  We tried to pace ourselves as we summated each hill but we also wanted to get them over with as soon as possible.

After riding about 50 miles we met up with Wade’s uncle, Robb Haga, and the Troublesome Creek Newspaper.  The local newspaper, of Hindman, KY, asked us a few questions and a reporter from the Hazard, KY newspaper also came by for an interview.  We enjoyed talking about the ride with them and were happy to spread more awareness about the ride and our cause.  We then rode a few miles to have lunch with Robb at the “Mall Restaurant.  Robb bought us all lunch, and made a special purchase of hot fudge cake for me (thanks Robb), and was very encouraging to us about what we are doing.  We enjoyed the break from the heat and the company.

As we rode our last sections of the ride we had some interesting moments.  We rode behind a truck that was painting the middle road lines yellow so Wade and I could not resist.  I rubbed my shoe across the paint to have a little mark of eastern Kentucky and Wade felt the need to run his front bike tire through the paint.  Never the less, it was some good fun.

But, the best part of the day was Tyler’s encounter with the dogs.  Tyler, Wade, and I were beginning to climb our last hill of the day.  We came about 80 yards from a house and saw a small dog crouched behind the mailbox.  We knew this dog must have seen cyclists before on this road and he was ready to ambush us when we rode by.  So Tyler, being the brave soul he is, rode ahead to spray his water bottle at the dog.  Tyler squirted the dog but it was ineffective.  The dog continued to follow him and was then joined by two other dogs.  So Wade and I watched as Tyler had three dogs surrounding him.  As all the dogs were barking one dog mustered up the courage to attempt to bite Tyler.  Tyler hit the dog and then ran over the dog’s neck with his front wheel.  The dogs ran off and after the fact we were warned by a lady on her front porch that said, “Better be careful, dem dogs bite.”  A little late but still appreciated.

God has continued to bless us as we ride with great joy and blessings.  Tonight we are staying in the Wheelwright Baptist Church and are very well accommodated.  We continue to thank God for keeping us safe and allowing us to spread the word to raise awareness for the disease of Alzheimer’s and thanks to all of those who are in constant prayer and thought of us.

In His Adventure,

Chaz Vittitow