July 6th 2010, Berea, KY – Buckhorn, KY

Day 41

We were blessed again today to have another rider join us for the first stretch of our ride.  Kristi Lunceford, mother of friend and fraternity brother Malcolm Lunceford, rode the first 15 miles of our ride with us.  Little did any of us know, it would turn out to be one of the more difficult 15 mile sections.  However, Kristi was a real champ and finished the 15 miles with us and always kept a smile and great attitude.  Big props to Kristi who housed us, fed us, and accompanied us for a section of our ride.  Also, big shout out to Chris Heil, friend and fraternity brother, who came out to meet us in Berea before we left.

So we rode into the Appalachian mountains and embraced the hills of Eastern Kentucky.  We kept a pretty good pace and all felt pretty strong the whole time, even after we ate blizzards for lunch to celebrate the 25th birthday of blizzards.   We also had a great encouraging moment when Scott and Jack Haga (Wade’s father and grandfather) and Bud Ball (Wade’s grandfather) met us 15 miles outside of Buckhorn.  They encouraged us and assured us we had a great meal ahead of us, so we rode as fast as we could on the last stretch.

We rode into Buckhorn and had a small welcoming party cheer us on, but let me assure you that Amy Haga made the small group seem like a large chorus with her rebel yell that she belted out for all of Buckhorn to hear.  We were welcomed with hugs and signs that said, “Hungry Bikers Wanted” and “Ready for Spaghetti”.  We enjoyed a reciting of the history of the church by Jack Haga and a wonderful meal prepared by Wade’s grandparents.  And yes, I think even Erin Haga helped a little with the meal, haha.  But we all enjoyed the company of Wade’s family and of course the food.

I really appreciated Wade’s family coming down as I was reminded of how wonderful our families have been on this ride.  It really shows how much our families love us by the wonderful support they have given us all.  I also enjoyed hearing about the history of the church where we enjoyed our meal.  I appreciated where the church had come from and I hope I can learn more about my heritage and even develop a greater appreciation of all history. 

But, we had another day of living the dream and enjoying the journey of the lifetime.  But, may we never forget that the greatest adventure is the life we are able to live in Christ.  So it is on the journey of cycling across America and the lifelong adventure of walking with Christ I leave you today.

In His Adventure,

Chaz Vittitow