September 11th,

 Final Day

It has been almost two months now since I have written anything regarding the Fijis Across America bike trip for Alzheimer’s.  I have blogged about everyday of the trip except for the last day. So now that I have had plenty of time to meditate on the trip and see some of the effects it has had on people I am prepared to write my final entry of my journey.

On the day of the ride we had less than 40 miles to ride to reach the destination of Yorktown, VA.  We first rode to Mike and Barbara Stripling’s home to eat a wonderful breakfast of blueberry pancakes and bacon.  We enjoyed it tremendously but most of all we enjoyed talking with our new friends of Mike and Barbara.  They were so encouraging to all of us as young men and made us believe that all things are possible if we really want to accomplish them.  We then rode on as we were all anxious to reach our destination.  As we rode on the colonial parkway we saw our different family members congratulating us as we neared our destination.  Mitch’s family made banners, Cameron’s father drove the vehicle so Jordan could ride along, and we all enjoyed every mile. 

As we pulled into Yorktown with the beach just ahead, I thought of the previous 3,000 miles we had traveled.  There were so many people that I will never forget.  Jeff Ingram in Oceanside, CA, Steve from the Wickenburg, AZ fire station, Pastor Rick from Mancos, CO, the mayor and his wife in Toronto, KS, the older gentlemen that was on a bike trip to celebrate his retirement, the many friends of Kentucky that opened their homes to us, Dana Hess and the Fiji Chapters in Virginia, and so many others that were so generous.  I thought about how selfish I can be with my possessions and so many other things, but these people were so generous and made our trip possible.  There were so many that helped make our dream of traveling cross country a reality and I have retained this inspiration as I have now started school.

All nine states memories crossed my mind as I pulled up to the body of water.  I saw my family, including my niece Scarlett Jean, my cousins Mike, Sue, Josh, Sarah, Savanah, Nick, Daja, and Isaiah, and many other friends standing on the beach.  However, we all had a job to do and that was jumping in the water.  We dove head first like a fish out of water and splashed around like we had seen the ocean for the first time.  It was a moment I will remember for all my life.  A true moment of accomplishment.

I went on to spend time with my family that night and enjoyed being with my niece that I had not seen for so long.  But, as I thought of the great adventure I had finished I realized once more how God takes us on the ultimate journey.  Riding your bicycle across the country is wonderful and I will always remember it, but my journey as a man of God has been the most meaningful and will continue to be in my time here on earth.  God is mysterious and he works in powerful ways.  Two months following the ride I have had so many people on WKU’s campus give us such great encouragement, support, and congratulations.  But, I hope everyone realizes that our ride was more than an adventure.  It was bringing hope to thousands that have felt the sharp pain of Alzheimer’s.  It was a mission more divine than 7 guys going cross country, but instead a mission that was divinely blessed with little problems and many blessings.  For God used this bike ride this summer and I pray the lessons learned and hope found will never end in Yorktown, VA but instead carry on for years to come.

At the end of an adventure but always in His Adventure,

Chaz Vittitow